Learning Basic English Vocabularies

Why did I want to learn vocabularies?

I’ve been learning English for two months. Although I had learned English in my student days, I forgot all of it after working for a few years. Now, I want to learn it again. In my learning time, I think of remembering vocabulary is the biggest problem for me. Neither the programmer nor the pronounce is hard for me. But when I reading an English book or an English webpage, I find that I don’t know the words about 20% in the article. That let reading be an ordeal for me. I need to keep checking the dictionary and that let my reading speed very slowly.

I know learning vocabulary is a long work, but I can learn more basic vocabularies to quickly improve my reading level at beginning. The following are some frequently used vocabularies.



Singular Plural
dog dogs
cat cats
fish fish
bird birds
pig pigs
mouse mouses
horse horses
wing wings
animal animals


Singular Plural
train trains
plane planes
car cars
truck trucks
bicycle bicycles
bus buses
boat boats
ship ships
tire tires
engine engines
ticket tickets
map maps


Singular Plural
city cities
house houses
apartment apartments
street/road streets/roads
airport airports
train station train stations
bridge bridges
hotel hotels
restaurant restaurants
farm farms
court courts
school schools
office offices
room rooms
town towns
university universities
club clubs
bar bars
park parks
camp camps
store stores
shop shops
mall malls
theater theaters
library libraries
hospital hospitals
church churches
market markets
building buildings
bank banks
location locations


Country Person
China Chinese
Japan Japanese
Korea Korean
India Indian
Thailand Thai
UK/Britain/England/English Englishman
USA American
Canada Canadian
France French
Germany German
Spain Spanish
Italy Italian
Portugal Portuguese
Netherland Dutch
Greece Greek
Russia Russian
Arab Arabic
Egypt Egyptian
Turkey Turkish
Brazil Brazilian
Australian Australian


Singular Plural
hat hats
dress dresses
suit suits
shirt shirts
T-shirt T-shirts
pocket pockets
coat coats
stain stains


- -
red green
blue yellow
brown pink
orange black
white grey / gray
colour / color


Singular Plural
son sons
daughter daughters
mother mothers
father fathers
parent parents
baby babies
man men
woman women
brother brothers
sister sisters
family families
grandfather grandfathers
grandmother grandmothers
husband husbands
wife wives
king kings
queen queens
president presidents
neighbor neighbors
boy boys
girl girls
child children
adult adults
human humans
friend friends
victim victims
player players
fan fans
crowd crowds
person people


Singular Plural
head heads
neck necks
face faces
beard beards
eye eyes
mouth mouths
lip lips
nose noses
tooth teeth
ear ears
tongue tongues
back backs
toe toes
finger fingers
foot feet
hand hands
leg legs
arm arms
shoulder shoulders
heart hearts
brain brains
knee knees
disease diseases
bone bones
voice voices
body bodies
injury injuries


Singular Plural
teacher teachers
student students
lawyer lawyers
doctor doctors
patient patients
waiter waiters
secretary secretaries
priest priests
police polices
army armies
soldier soldiers
artist artists
author authors
manager managers
reporter reporters
actor actors
job jobs


- - -
religion heaven hell
death medicine money
dollar bill marriage
wedding team race(种族)
sex gender murder
prison technology energy
war peace attack
election magazine newspaper
poison gun sport
exercise ball game
price contract drug
sign science god

Art & Entertainment

Singular Plural
band bands
song songs
instrument instruments
movie movies

Food & Drink

- - -
egg cheese bread
soup cake chicken
pork beef apple
banana orange lemon
corn rice oil
seed knife spoon
fork plate cup
breakfast lunch dinner
sugar salt bottle
food coffee tea
wine beer juice
water milk beverage

Furniture & Electrical

- - - -
table chair bed dream
window door bedroom kitchen
bathroom pencil pen photograph
soap book page key
paint letter note wall
paper floor ceiling roof
pool lock telephone garden
yard needle bag box
gift card ring tool
clock lamp fan cell phone
network computer software application/app
image video laptop screen
camera television radio hole


- - -
sea ocean river
mountain rain snow
tree sun moon
world Earth forest
sky plant wind
soil / earth flower valley
root lake star
grass leaf air
sand beach wave
fire ice island
hill heat nature
light sound


- -
glass metal
plastic wood
stone diamond
clay dust
gold copper
silver material


- -
meter centimeter
kilogram inch
foot pound
half circle
square temperature
date weight

Articles & Pronouns


- -
a the
this that
these those


- - - - -
I me my mine myself
we us our ours ourselves
you you your yours yourself / yourselves
he him his his himself
she her her hers herself
it it its its itself
they them their theirs themselves


- - - -
all some no any
many much more less
a few several whole a little
a lot of both neither each
every other another same
different such someone somebody
something some a few a little
more less anyone anybody
anything any either much
many no-one nobody nothing
none neither everyone everybody
everything each both all
one another


- -
what who
when where
why how
whose how many(how much)



- - - -
big little small heavy
high low hot cold
warm easy difficult cheap
expensive clean dirty beautiful
funny usual common nice
pretty wonderful boring interesting
dangerous safe short tall
long new old calm
clear dry fast slow
finished free full light
open quiet ready strong

Good & Bad

- - -
bad good terrible
important urgent necessary
possible impossible right
wrong true


- - -
afraid alone angry
certain cheerful dead
famous glad happy
ill kind married
pleased sorry stupid
surprised tired well
worried young



- - - - - - - - - -
one two three four five six seven eight nine ten
eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen
. twenty thirty forty fifty sixty seventy eighty ninety .

20 - Infinity

- -
25 twenty-five
100 one hundred
258 two hundred and fifty-eight
1,000 one thousand
2,000 two thousand
1,111 one thousand one hundred and eleven
1,285 one thousand two hundred and eighty-five
999,999 nine hundred and ninety-nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine
1,000,000 one million
1,000,000,000 one billion
xxx,xxx,xxx,xxx xxx billion xxx million xxx thousand xxx


- - - - - - - - -
first second third fourth fifth sixth seventh eighth(t) ninth(e)
eleventh twelfth thirteenth fourteenth fifteenth sixteenth seventeenth eighteenth nineteenth


- - - - - - - -
arrive ask be be able to become begin believe borrow
bring buy can change check collect come continue
cry do drop eat fall feel find finish
forget give going to have have to hear help hold
hope hurt keep know laugh learn leave lend
let lie down like listen live look at look for lose
love make may mean meet must need obtain
open ought to pay play put read remember say
see sell send should show shut sing sleep
speak stand stay stop suggest take talk teach
think travel try understand use used to wait for walk
want watch will work worry would write



- - - -
now soon immediately quickly
finally again once for a long time
today generally sometimes always
often before after early
late never not yet still
already then yesterday tomorrow


- - - -
here there above over
below in front behind nearby
a long way away inside outside left
right somewhere anywhere everywhere
nowhere home upstairs downstairs


- -
a little about
almost at least
completely very
enough exactly
just not
too much more


- - -
also especially gradually
of course only otherwise
perhaps probably quite
so too unfortunately
very much well



- -
of to
at for
from in


- -
after ago
before during
since until


- - -
into out of outside
towards away from behind
in front of beside next to
between above on top of
below under underneath
near to a long way from through


- -
about according-to
except like
against with
without by
despite instead of



- -
and but
or as
than like

Time & Space

- -
when while
before after
since until


- -
how why
because although
if want
who whom
whose which



- -
okay(ok) yes
no please
sorry excuse me
thanks no problem
no way congratulations

Say Hello

- -
hello(hi) goodbye(bye)
good morning good afternoon
good evening good night
see you nice to meet you

All of the above are all of the basic vocabulary you should learn. The most important category is the Verbs and the Prepositions. We can’t only remember the base means of the words. We must deep into it through some dictionaries.
Before we learn more complex vocabularies, we can always use these simple words to replace the complex words.

The Nouns aren’t very important for us. You don’t have to remember many of them at the beginning. Not knowing how to say a thing in English, you can find a dictionary and check it. The more you use more you remember.