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Github Grep Serching content fastly in all github repositories.
Manifest Maker Generate iOS privacy manifest file with GUI.
ScreenSize Listing detail screen size information of all Apple devices.
To Phonetics Providing international phonetics for your inputed words.
WTFAutoLayout An iOS AutoLayout conflict analysing tool.
MyLens An online AI tool able to generate timeline about specified topics.
Emoji Generate An online AI tool able to generate emoji icons with string prompts.
devv.ai AI chat for developers.
WithDiode An online web for emulating circuit boards.
8086 Compiler Emulator An online web emulating 8080 compilers for learning the assembly language.
Hey Pi A chat robot.
Vectorizer AI Conver your JPEG and PNG bitmaps to SVG vectors.
Kroki Creates diagrams from textual descriptions!
Carbon Generate beautiful code snapshots.
LibHunt Discover trending open-source projects and their alternatives
Ventusky Weather viewing web with beautiful UI.
D2 A diagram generator using D2 language.
DALL-E-2 Generating images from description text.
BgSub Background remover
Plant UML Editor
Text Compare
Regex Learn
UML A powerful tool for generating pretty UML diagram.
Quicktype Convert JSON to Models
Icon Factory Generating icons for iOS/Android
Regex101 Regular expression playground.
Hue Tools An open source toolbox for colors
iOS Versions iOS versions global market share.
Linnggle Checking the grammar of your english sentences.
Ludwig Checking the grammar of your english sentences.
Readme An editor for creating a standard README.md
Structurizr An onlnie editor for generating software architecture diagrams using the C4 model.
Electronic Circuits
All About Circuits The best web for learning electronic cirtuits for free.
KIAUH Klipper Installation and Update Helper
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The Algorithms
HTML Cheatsheet An online interactive CSS cheatsheet web.
Google Tech-Writting Google official documents for teaching you to write good technical documents.
Cheatgraphy Containing a huge of cheat sheets
Attributes in Clang
Getcssscan CSS box shadow examples
UML Diagram Documentation
JavaScript Style
OverAPI Cheat Sheets for every developing language or library.
Learn x in y minutes
Ruby Style Guide
Hugging Face Discover amazing AI apps made by the community!
Ai-Tools Discover the Best AI Tools for free
PromptHero A community sharing best prompts about various AI models.
POE A online web integrating most AI applications in one place.
SDXL Trubo An online image AI generator.
China Exhibition A search web for exhibitions in China.
OMG Chinese Learning Chinese Language
Open Colors List all open colors.
AI Colors Generate palettes from a text prompt.
Icon Hunt An icon library that you can copy images to Notion directly.
Headless An UI library
Sample Videos Containing various videos, different formats, durations or sizes.
UISET UI resources web.
Mac Apps I recommended
Alfred Workflows
FlyCoding A xcode plugin for quickly editing code.
OrbStack Run Docker and Linux on your Mac seamlessly and efficiently.
DiffusionBee Generating images from sentences by AI power.
iPreview A powerful preview tool for all kinds of files.
Open Alternative Open source alternatives for popular software.